Apple iBooks Links

Want to provide a link on your website to your book on Apple’s iBooks Store? Well, it seems to be pretty much a secret. But here’s the answer. First the link is of this form: (for Novelsmithing)

As you can easily tell the first part “” is just a link to Apple’s iTunes store. The second part “us” is the country code, in this case that for United States. Third is just the word “book.” And fourth is the acronym “isbn” which means International Standard Book Number. Attached to “isbn” is the actual 13 digit ISBN number of the book.

Here are links to all my books on iBooks:

Oedipus on a Pale Horse, Journey through Greece in Search of a Personal Mythology

The Mysteries: Daughter of Darkness, A Novel of Ancient Eleusis – Volume 1

The Mysteries: The Dadouchos, A Novel of Ancient Eleusis – Volume 2

Introduction to Frankenstein: Origins and Aftermath

The Escape of Bobby Ray Hammer, A Novel of a ’50s Family

Apple requires all books have an ISBN before they are admitted to the iBooks Store. If you are publishing your book yourself, you can either buy an ISBN for your book through (expensive) or perhaps your online publisher can supply it for a minimal cost. Some online publishers will provide one for about $10 or, as the case with SmashWords, for free. The difference being, if you provide the ISBN, you are the publisher.

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