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I post to several blogs, all only my writing, and I even have difficulty keeping up with them, so I decided to make a list for my readers as well as myself. Here is the list along with a description of the subjects they cover and links to them. Whenever I post to any of them, I always tweet about it on twitter. You can follow me at

Robot Dawn
Robot Dawn is a science fiction work in progress. It is a novel set in the year 2070. I believe it will be a New Adult novel. Visit from time to time for updates. Update (05.12.2022): Writing Robot Dawn seems to go on forever. I now have 1,352 pages (465,118 words). As of now, it appears to be a 5-book series concerning an odyssey about the Solar System. I completed the first rough draft last year and launched immediately into the second draft. Although much longer than I initially intended, it is now bounded, and all I have to do is work out the details of how things happen. Should take another two years. More updates to come if and when warranted.

In Pursuit of Sleep
This blog contains the entire manuscript of my new non-fiction book on insomnia titled, In Pursuit of Sleep: The Origins of Insomnia and What to Do About It. Its thesis is that sleep is not waiting to come to you. You have to go get it.

This blog contains on its homepage links to all chapters in the book. All the material is there online. It also provides an assortment of subjects, all on writing novels. It even has a review or two. All updates to my book Novelsmithing, The Structural Foundation of Plot, Character, and Narration appear here.

Story Alchemy: The Search for the Philosopher’s Stone of Storytelling
Story Alchemy primarily deals with the use of Jung’s techniques of Active Imagination and Dream Interpretation as the creative force for generating creative story material. The blog contains the entire finished work as well as post concerning the realtime effort while generating the material. The raw material for the book came from my experiment with Active Imagination and Dream Analysis documented in my other blog The Iris of Time.

Novel Knitting: Stitching Together Your Novel [This is a work in progress.]
Novel Knitting is an advanced and detailed subject concerning stitching your novel together so that it appears to the reader as a consistent, intricately imagined, fabric of interest and meaning that results from the way word choice, sentence construction, paragraph structure, and chapter chain and chronology resonate not only locally but with remote portions of the larger work.

The Iris of Time
This blog documents my personal excursion into Jung’s Active Imagination. It also contains a description of what I believe are my more important dreams. I’m doing this in conjunction with the writing of Story Alchemy.

Carpathian Vampire
Yes, I know. It’s a bit unfair, but I did use a pseudonym for this vampire novel. It’s sort of a smutty little adventure set in Sinaia, Romania, and was quite a pleasure to write. If you wish to see what it is all about and why I used a pseudonym, read Chapter 12 of Story Alchemy. It’s free online. You can find the complete novel for free on Amazon and Apple iBooks.

Introduction to Greek Mythology
This is my oldest website and isn’t actually a blog either. It originated in a class in Greek mythology I taught in continuing education at New Mexico State University – Carlsbad. It has an unusual approach in that it uses the original sources of Greek mythology (Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides and Homer) in their chronological context. I also use the Homeric Hymns, Hesiod’s Theogony, ancient historians and other assorted ancient authors.

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