Stanford University

David Sheppard attended Stanford University from January through December of 1968, during which time he completed all requirements for the MS in Aeronautical/Astronatutical Engineering. He received his degree in June 1969.

Arizona State University

David Sheppard attended Arizona State University from April 1965 to August 1967 when he was awarded a BS in Mechanical Engineering. He graduated “With Distinction” and was inducted into the following Honor Societies:

  • Pi Tau Sigma
  • Tau Beta Pi

University of Colorado

David Sheppard returned to college in the fall of 1978. He attended the University of Colorado, Denver Center, located in downtown Denver. His intent was to get a second undergraduate degree in English. He took classes in creative writing and American literature. But the next spring, he and his family moved to Phoenix, Arizona, so his goal to get a degree in English never came to fruition. However, he did return to the area in 1986, and then he took creative writing classes at the University of Colorado in Boulder. He studied American Literature, Creative Writing, and Critical Writing

Bakersfield College

David Sheppard attended Bakersfield College, a community college, from September 1959 through June 1961 and was awarded an Associate of Arts degree awarded in 1961.

Because he was an under-achiever in high school, David Sheppard had no choice but to prove his academic abilities at a junior college before attempting to get admitted to a major university. In the fall of 1961 he enrolled in Bakersfield College in Bakersfield, California. Because of his own ignorance of the junior college system and poor advisement from college staff, he enrolled in a two-year electronics curriculum. His first semester thus wasted, the enrolled in a mathematics curriculum the following spring.

During this time, he was introduced to the Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky. During the next year, he read everything the Russian ever wrote and even a couple of biographies about him. David became almost overwhelming interested in literature and considered it as a major, but still couldn’t drag himself away from math and science.

David also became interested in Greek tragedy through the Oedipus plays of Sophocles. This was to lay the groundwork for his writing.

High School

David Sheppard attended Chowchilla Union High School in Chowchilla, California from Fall 1955 to Spring 1959. He graduated in June 1959. He had a college preparatory major. He took mostly science classes, including, electricity, chemistry, and physics. He took two years of algebra and one of geometry.

Though he wanted to go to college, he never applied himself and graduated in the lower quarter of his graduating class. The following fall he enrolled in Bakersfield College, a two-year, community college, to build up his academic standing.

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